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Star Trek USB Communicator - set phasers to nerdgasm


As I wrote the other day the new Star Trek Movie will probably disappoint a lot of Trekkies because of its fast pace and cool special effects, but I’m pretty sure this Star Trek USB Communicator could give them some relief.

The Star Trek Communicator from Dream Cheeky is a VoIP/Skype phone with 21 original sound effects. It has velcro on the back, so you can mount it where everyone can see it. With a simple flick of the wrist you are ready to receive any incoming signals from green female space slaves to your Star Wars-loving friends, who doesn’t have anything remotely as cool as this.

Personally I’m more of a Star Trek The Next Generation and beyond fan, so I’m still waiting for that Starfleet insignia badge. I just have to touch it and it instantly knows who I want to communicate with.

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