LED Message Board

Product of the DAY: LED Message Board --- Check it out!!!

If you are sick of sticky post-it notes or taping notes on pieces of paper to your door or desk, then you should probably check out our LED message board. Another cool, plug-and-play gadget that lets you display any message across it's screen. You can make it blink or scroll - let your office mates know "I'll be back in 1o minutes!" with this handy little display board! 

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to help my kid write a C++ or JAVA program to control the LED message board.

Can you post some sample code for talking to the HID device. I'm looking for a very simple display 1 or 2 messages.

Anonymous said...

same here, some sample java code would be really appreciated :-)

Anonymous said...

or at least teh ability to pass some command line arguments to the running LED.exe ;-)

Anonymous said...

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