Christmas list!


What's on your Christmas list?

Here's what is on ours so far:

Super cool USB Missile Launcher
-Who wouldn't want a computer activated missile launcher?!

Web Mail Notifier
-Practical and cool

Roll-up Drum kit
-Bringing my beat with me every time I hit the street!!!

USB mini-fridge
-When will they make eggnog in a can???

Star Trek Webcam
-Of course! Everyone has one!

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Ben Schmidt said...

I got a roll up drumkit last Christmas, but I have a Mac. Finally, this Christmas, I got around to writing a driver for it. I mean, why not? It runs in Terminal and translates the drumkit hits to MIDI messages which you can use to control GarageBand or Logic or send out a MIDI interface to control MIDI hardware. Doesn't have any of the fancy learning modes or anything, though; just lets you play it. Email mail_ben_schmidt at yahoo com au if you're interested.