Thunder Missile Launcher. No frills, just meaningless hours of fun

Hong Kong, January 2011 - Dream Cheeky, in their never ending quest to distract even the most focused office dwellers, just released their next generation Thunder Missile Launcher.

Compared to its predecessor, the Dream Cheeky Thunder Missile Launcher has twice the range, a sleek new design, onscreen and keyboard control capabilities and sound effects that will make you swear you’ve been sucked into a Star Wars movie after too many drinks. With a thirty foot range, it's obvious Dream Cheeky spent more time this past year upgrading the functionality than the aesthetics, but the new design is far superior to other office appropriate missile launchers.

Those of you already familiar with the new Dream Cheeky O.I.C. Storm Missile Launcher and all of its fancy tricks, may wonder why we didn’t name this launcher Red Headed Stepchild of O.I.C. Storm Missile Launcher. All we can say is Dream Cheeky is run by a man fascinated with weather.

We have plenty of brand new Thunders in stock for anyone who would like to be amongst the first to experience the power of the Thunder. So please send Julie MacPherson an email at to find out how you can order yours. Please contact Taylor Giovan at if you would like to write, blog or rave through other media about the Thunder. And of course you can find more information about Thunder on our website;

Thank you for giving us the attention we crave!

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